Suppose you’re:

– trying to convince someone about something

– marketing/selling something

– or giving advice

And they’re just not doing what you want them to do. Sometimes you complain, “It’s THEIR fault. Why won’t they do want I want them to do?” But then you remember that you usually can’t control their behavior, so even if it is “their” fault, it does YOU no good to sit there and complain about how “they won’t buy, they won’t change their mind, they won’t take my advice.”

by Matt Smith

Instead, ask yourself what you can do to change your strategy, change your marketing, or change your product so that they will buy or be convinced. Because, in the end, you can only control your own actions.

A choice quotation from Seth Godin: “The key takeaway isn’t that the lobbying doesn’t work (though it usually doesn’t). The problem is that the lobbying takes your attention away from the changes you can actually control and implement.”